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Make It Happen Wins Three Awards

Make It Happen Marketing won three “ON THE MARK” awards for Southern Oregon’s Best 2011 TV Spots. The winning TV spots include the Butler Ford campaign, Butler Hyundai’s Diamond spot, and Taprock Northwest Grill television commercial.

Mark Dennett, chair of “On the Mark” awards, noted that the award winning Butler Ford campaign, “(Is) the best conceived, produced, and delivered series of local car spots I’ve seen in decades.”

For the Butler Hyundai spot, he penned, “Here’s another example of a local car commercial that dares to break the local ad production rules. Visually, it looks and feels like a national spot.”    The Butler ads starred Shannon Young who is the marketing coordinator at Butler Automotive.  Young also hosts a local business and community talk radio show, and is formerly a TV news anchor.  The camera and film production were done by local videographer Shawn Adams.

The Taprock Northwest Grill television commercial features the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant, with voice of work of Shelly Somerset with videography and editing by Shawn Adams.  Regarding selection of the Taprock commercial, Dennett noted that one of the most difficult aspects of a restaurant spot is making the food look appetizing, and the Taprock ad exceeded expectations. “The spot positions Taprock as playing in the same league as million-dollar chains. Now, that is a major creative success.”

Karen Froenk, president of Make It Happen Marketing, wrote and produced all three award winning commercials.  However, according to Fronek, it’s all about her team and clients, “There is amazing talent here in Southern Oregon. I’ve been working with a great team for more than a decade, and it’s very exciting to see our commitment to excellence get recognized.. You don’t have to go to Portland for outstanding advertising campaigns.  Great production and writing is available here in Southern Oregon.  I have huge gratitude to Butler Automotive and Taprock Grill for giving us a chance to create for them.”


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