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Top 5 Marketing Tips for 2016

MarketingTipsSuccess is in the details. And finding those details takes hyper-vigilant FOCUS. Below are 5 Marketing Tips that can help you FOCUS in 2016!

F: Find the Right People
Often as leaders we struggle with finding the right people. Now is the time as we end up 2013 and move towards 2014 to be ready for the new year of great business. Do you have the right people in the right seats on your bus? Has there been that nagging little voice about “that” manager you need to let go. Do it now. Don’t be held hostage to having the wrong person lead your team. Every successful business comes down to having amazing people on your team. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a mid-size organization. Pay attention to your people and make sure they have the skill set necessary to do what you have them doing.

O: Open Your Mind to being REMARKABLE!

Embrace and dwell on being remarkable. According to REMARKABLE means, “notably or conspicuously unusual, extraordinary, worthy of notice or attention.”

  • What is it about YOUR business that is remarkable?
  • Can you articulate your remarkableness in your marketing messages?
  • How can you permeate being remarkable among your staff?

C: Chart a Course

Create a 4th quarter plan. You have four months to complete those goals that have been hanging around since January. NOW IS THE TIME! Break down those goals into monthly, weekly and daily tasks…chart how you are going to “make it happen.” Delegate, organize and track results to accomplish the goals and have the best fourth quarter ever!

U: Understand There’s A New Way of Doing Business

Business is not what it used to be. You’ve heard this a million times in recent years – but now is the time to embrace the change, get the help you need and start creating new marketing messages that incorporate your authentic corporate story, develops community relations and supports your desire to empower your employees through personal growth and life long learning. Your customers are on the internet — they are telling you what they want and they listen to their peers in reviews and social communities. Build your online reviews by providing excessively good customer service and committing to an honest, innovative and transparent corporate culture. It’s your time: Carpe Diem!

S: Surround Yourself in Details

Pay attention to the details in your business. How your phone is answered, how your sales people communicate to customers and how emails are written and received. Success comes from paying attention to the details. (Disney nailed this concept — never a stitch of trash anywhere)

Every day I run across a business that hasn’t paid attention to the details and often it is a detail that makes a customer feel offended or put off. Paying attention to the details is a discipline because when you work in your business you often become numb to the details. Ask a trusted resource to help you evaluate where you are in these areas. There is no time like now to get things set straight before the new year. Take it as cleaning out your business/customer relationship closets!


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