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  • Emergency Public Relations!

    Or Should it be Public Relations Emergency? Don’t forget how important it is to communicate when your business is experiencing an emergency. When we say emergency we’re meaning the true nature of it like Fire, Crime, or a Storm.   The rule still applies as it did in childhood –don’t cry wolf. Do not leave all the information up to

  • We’ve Moved!

    Make It Happen marketing is excited to announce we’re getting moved into our new office at the Million Air Medford building near the airport. It will probably be another week or so of moving files and computers, so please be patient with us during this busy week while we get ready for a whole new era of Make It Happen

  • Family Business NOT Just A Family Affair

    We’ve had the privilege of working with many family businesses. As a valuable outsource we work very closely with the business owners and management team and from time to time we find disharmony is affecting the culture of the entire company. Secrets are never hidden more deeply than they are in a family, and so family business dysfunction is often

  • Optimistic About America for 2013

    Is now a good time to start a business? On January 2, Matt Lauer of the NBC Today Show interviewed some giants of the business world about starting and doing business in 2013: Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Julian Castro, and Sara Blakley. Their outlook for 2013 is optimistic despite the lingering recession. It’s heartening to hear. Listen in, for an

  • 3 Easy Steps to QR Codes

    Have you figured out what a QR Code is yet? Quick Reader (QR) Codes are a new amazing bar scan type graphic, much like the bar codes you see on products at the grocery store, these are individually made for your business and even for individual segments of your business. The QR Code will become an integral part of your business in the next

  • It’s a Game

    “The first rule of any game is to know you’re in one.” Sandy Lerner, Founder of Cisco Systems According to the movie, “Something Ventured,” 45% of founders receiving venture capital will be replaced within 18 months. Before you head down the path of venture capital or angel investment, be very clear on the potential risks you’re taking. The heartbreaking story

  • The Living Dead

    In our second commentary on the movie Something Ventured about venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, we’re going to focus on the viewpoint the venture capitalists have about entrepreneurs. At 57 minutes into the movie starts the chapter “The Living Dead.” “If you make 10 deals, if you do it well, some will succeed, some are going to fail and there is

  • Angels We Have Heard On High

    Venture Capital and Angel Investment are becoming quite the buzz words even in small towns and small businesses. In a world where business credit and financing from banks has been very hard to get for a number of years, more and more entrepreneurs are asking wealthy investors for the capital they need. To be successful at getting your money, you

  • Marketing Sucks

    It is time to simply state that traditional marketing sucks! This video explains about the philosophy behind this statement. Business has changed and we as marketers need to face the fact that the way marketing was done in the past just doesn’t work anymore. Advertising that tries to manipulate people into buying or selling a product that can’t be backed up by

  • Make It Happen Wins Three Awards

    Make It Happen Marketing won three “ON THE MARK” awards for Southern Oregon’s Best 2011 TV Spots. The winning TV spots include the Butler Ford campaign, Butler Hyundai’s Diamond spot, and Taprock Northwest Grill television commercial. Mark Dennett, chair of “On the Mark” awards, noted that the award winning Butler Ford campaign, “(Is) the best conceived, produced, and delivered series