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  • The Value of Setting Business Goals

    The Value of Setting Business Goals

    “You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t really know where you’re going.” We’ve all heard this before, right? Goals are important to every business owner and manager because they provide a road map as well as momentum and motivation for the entire team. Whether financial, production, innovative, personal achievements or growth goals each has meaning and

  • 8 Traits of a Respected Leader

    8 Traits of a Respected Leader

    Respect is essential as a leader.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, respect is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” Therefore, someone who disrespects a leader is in essence saying, “I don’t admire you. I don’t admire your abilities, qualities or achievements.” When that happens within an organization, this negative workplace

  • Top 5 Marketing Tips for 2016

    Top 5 Marketing Tips for 2016

    Success is in the details. And finding those details takes hyper-vigilant FOCUS. Below are 5 Marketing Tips that can help you FOCUS in 2016! F: Find the Right People Often as leaders we struggle with finding the right people. Now is the time as we end up 2013 and move towards 2014 to be ready for the new year of great

  • Brian Tracy Inspired Medford

    Personal Growth, Leadership, and Business Transformation Workshop Excites Participants MEDFORD, OR— On Tuesday February 2nd, world-renowned Brian Tracy, a New York Times best-selling author and the CEO of Brian Tracy International, was joined by Chris Rollins, Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, for a one-day life-and business-changing event held at the Inn at the Commons in Medford and hosted by Million

  • 4 Steps to Healthy Leadership

    Since we’ve all heard the adage “everything rolls downhill”, it only makes sense that when it comes to  leadership, the adage would do the same. It is my experience that when the DNA of business owners and high level managers contains healthy management components this spreads throughout the organization and everyone benefits. The work flows better, the atmosphere is conducive

  • Studying Demographics Really Works

    With permission I am re-posting a blog that one of my colleagues wrote. (Thank you Heather McNeill for your insights) The information is profound and applies across many industries. I would ask that you ponder the content and integrate the results into your own marketing practices. “Years ago when I first started in public relations and grass roots organizing I

  • Top 5 Reasons People Are Super Successful

    The Top 5 Reasons People are Super Successful Super successful people are worth a good study. We’re always asking the question, “What makes one person more successful than another, even when these two people are providing the same service at comparable rates?” And while there are probably hundreds of possible reasons, we have noticed a few that tend to rise

  • It’s the Hard Way or the Easy Way!

    I love to read about business, marketing and entrepreneurial ventures. I guess I really like to see how people tick and in turn how they make their businesses successful OR not. Often I learn from watching others make mistakes. I guess I am a bit of a coward in that respect because I learned early that there are two ways

  • Facebook Updates Business Search

    Today Facebook announced a new search feature that should help locate business pages.  The new search is called “Graph Search” has a limited beta release, so it’s hard to say exactly who will get it and be using it while in the Beta phase.   The search feature is supposed to prioritize the search results of places, pages, and things by how

  • Non-profit Conferences in January to Improve Fundraising & Messaging

    We work with a number of non-profits to help them increase membership, fund raise, create educational materials, manage public relations and social media outreach.  Non-profits rely on strong messaging to build support for a cause and for fundraising. Here’s several great NW opportunities to interact with other non-profits and improve your skills toward better fundraising and outreach. Conferences & Seminars Investing

  • Be Inspired! Be Inspiring!

    In marketing, one of the most important things you can do with any one piece is to shift someone’s emotional state.  Connecting your name and company with that shift, creates powerful messages. There are several different approaches to this, but perhaps our very favorite is to inspire.   If you can deliver inspiration in the world today, it’s something people are seeking.

  • Invest in Knowing & Locating Your Customers

    Knowing your ideal market and price point are important in all types of sales. Knowing where to invest your effort to reach your most likely consumer is an important part of integrated marketing. There are several resources available to document income levels, hobbies, political affiliations, and other consumer spending information. Most recent census information is one way to zoom into