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Our Approach

Integrated Image Marketing incorporates your vibrant internal business culture into your external marketing strategies. From top to bottom of your company you are communicating to the outside world, who you are, what you stand for, what you aspire to, and what your product/company solves.

If you hadn’t thought about the fact that marketing reaches out from every relationship your staff has with others, then you haven’t thought through all the amazing opportunities that exist.

Is your branding and image strongly communicated by your HR department to your new hires?

Is your Customer Relations Commitment being used by not just the sales staff, but your reception, accounts receivable, support?

Is your brand story something your team knows and takes pride in? Does your staff’s family and friends know it? Does your local business writer know it? If those business contacts closest to you can’t articulate your story, then how do you reach into new markets and impress people across the country and world?

Having that reach and clarity of message is possible with Make It Happen Marketing. Every business has something amazing to share and some problem that they fix. That’s why they are in business. We love to craft that story so that it inspires and excites others. Then it’s easy to create the images and slogans for advertising and public relations that build directly on that story.

The power of integrated image marketing is phenomenal and we’re excited we get to do this great work everyday.