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About Us

In 1998, we founded Make It Happen to provide a new type of “Integrated Marketing.” It was just before the Internet revolution and the advancement of social media which would radically change a businesses exposure and communication. We knew that something new needed to occur in marketing that expanded beyond traditional marketing services. That “something” grew directly from an organization’s corporate culture, through “its” mission and blossomed into an image and branding that had solid integrity. We coined our philosophy “Integrated Image Marketing (IIM).

Make It Happen marketing (and yes the marketing is lower case — it’s a creative choice to put an emphasis on MAKE IT HAPPEN while marketing remains in the less important position) is the perfect partner to compliment any business. We customize a unique support team of the most creative people in their respective industries to transition each client’s image or brand to a new level in the marketplace. Additionally, we bring our unique dose of authenticity, enthusiasm, and optimism to provide the energy to carry everyone to the next level of business success.

In the last 18 years, we’ve won awards, worked for start-ups, small and mid size businesses with revenues up to $100 million dollars. Our work encompasses all types of marketing from initial conceptual designs to the execution of creative campaigns and events both online and in traditional venues. Yet, where we excel is keeping all the differing forms of marketing, cohesively integrated with the core principles of the business. This integration creates a unique thumbprint for the businesses that it is developed for.

Make It Happen marketing’s dynamic team can work with you to revive an out-of-date image or brand, or grow a fresh new company and get products launched. Let us put our creativity and strategic thinking to work for you.