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3 Easy Steps to QR Codes

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Have you figured out what a QR Code is yet? Quick Reader (QR) Codes are a new amazing bar scan type graphic, much like the bar codes you see on products at the grocery store, these are individually made for your business and even for individual segments of your business.

The QR Code will become an integral part of your business in the next 18 months as people become more familiar and comfortable with using them. Here are 3 VERY SIMPLE steps to setting up your own QR Code.

1. Go to one of many website that make QR Codes for FREE. Here is the one I use  Click the tab that says URL. Type in the web address that you want your code to go directly to.

2. Download the YOUR customer QR Code onto your computer. Have your marketing people put your new QR Code on all marketing materials for your company. They just have to incorporate it into the designs, people are even putting QR Codes on digital marketing like TV commercials.

3. With your smart phone go to the APP icon and search “Q R Code Reader”. Once again they APP is FREE so just download it to your smart phone. It’s just that easy!!

A few industries that are really embracing the value of QR Codes are the automotive and real estate industries. Real estate agents are using QR Codes on home-for-sale flyers which provides people looking for homes additional information on the home they are interested in. They can watch virtual tours, connect directly with the Realtor and get up to date information right from their car. While the automotive industry is starting to put QR Codes on individual cars and people at car lots can use their smart phones to go directly to the dealerships website to get additional information from the dealership as well as the vehicle manufacturer.

QR Codes were designed to make life easier and when everyone gets used to them – they will. Right now people are saying “What is that?” much like we did when email first came on the scene. It really is simple to get your own QR Code and download the app. Don’t be afraid — be the first to embrace this new change.


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