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Archive for September, 2015

  • 4 Steps to Healthy Leadership

    Since we’ve all heard the adage “everything rolls downhill”, it only makes sense that when it comes to  leadership, the adage would do the same. It is my experience that when the DNA of business owners and high level managers contains healthy management components this spreads throughout the organization and everyone benefits. The work flows better, the atmosphere is conducive […]
  • Top 5 Marketing Tips for 2016

    Success is in the details. And finding those details takes hyper-vigilant FOCUS. Below are 5 Marketing Tips that can help you FOCUS in 2016! F: Find the Right People Often as leaders we struggle with finding the right people. Now is the time as we end up 2013 and move towards 2014 to be ready for the new year of great […]
  • Studying Demographics Really Works

    With permission I am re-posting a blog that one of my colleagues wrote. (Thank you Heather McNeill for your insights) The information is profound and applies across many industries. I would ask that you ponder the content and integrate the results into your own marketing practices. “Years ago when I first started in public relations and grass roots organizing I […]