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Who is Make It Happen marketing?

Since 1998, with optimism and enthusiasm we’ve been the creative marketing team that charts innovative ways to deliver your story (brand narrative) and built cohesive corporate images. For each client we assemble a team of creative experts uniquely suited to your industry to raise brand awareness and rise to the top of your market niche. With nearly two decades of experience, our fully integrated marketing approach has led to competitive advantages for many businesses in Southern Oregon and in many differing industries including: automotive, construction, specialty contracting, real estate, property management, retail, aviation, hospitality, non-profits and political arenas.

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What We Do?

We provide marketing, branding, social media, advertising, core ideology, public relations and digital marketing services for small to medium size businesses. We believe in authentic, integrated, and comprehensive marketing practices. This includes developing messaging that comes directly from your organizations guiding principles and evolves into your “unique” marketing messaging, promotions, and campaigns. Tell your story, engaging consumers whether it’s business to consumer or business to business, sharing why your organization is simply the best to do business with is our specialty.

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  • "Karen, you are doing great work in the world. I wish you all the best of continued success!"
    Brian Tracy | International Author and Speaker
  • "For nearly two decades, Make It Happen has brought a fun, fresh, out-of-the-box approach to marketing and helped our automobile dealership move to the next level."

    Chuck Butler - President, Butler Automotive Group
  • "Knowing that Karen and Craig were always ready to take on new challenges and provide us with a fresh perspective has been one of the most valuable assets of having Make It Happen on our team."

    Russ Batzer, President - Batzer Construction Inc.
  • "I can think of many marketing projects that have been beneficial and a lot of fun for FDT and for those I am deeply appreciative – our unusual logo and brand, grant writing, strategic planning, project profiles, website, IPC Peer Group education projects, and our safety video - which was a colossal milestone and set an industry standard!"

    Dan Thomas, President of F.D.Thomas Inc.
  • "Karen, I appreciate YOU!. You are a huge part of our team!!!! We couldn’t do what we do without you!"

    David Wright, President CPM Real Estate Services and REMAX Platinum
  • "Karen – You and your crew are truly amazing! Thank you for what you do for all our companies.|

    Roger Hull, CEO Steelhead Finance


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